The Audacity of Hope, Barack Obama.

The dominating impression about Barack Obama is that he will bring about a change and this remains the single-most significant aspect that he is highlighting within his campaign. He has awakened a new sense of energy within the people through his invigorating and innovative ideas. Critics seem to think of him as an immature President in the future while some are supporting him for the mere reason of change that Barack Obama has clung on to for so long. The Republican candidate, John McCain has a more sedate approach towards the US Presidential Elections. John McCain is thought to be a predecessor of George W. Bush’s policies and especially the ones enacted on the War against Terror.

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In his book The Audacity of Hope, Barack Obama presents his personal manifesto concerning the 2008 US Presidential Elections. The subject for this book is based on his political convictions and beliefs. The book has been published within the United States of America. The Audacity of Hope has accounted for the core values that Barack Obama fervently believes in as well as discusses the manner under which he will change the lives of the Americans and the global fraternity of nations. He understands that America is the lone superpower nation of the world and hence its responsibilities are spread over a diverse field. The same have increased ever since the War on Terror has kicked off and he believes he will bring a sense of pride and recognition back to the folds of Americans, once he wins the Presidential race. The book by Barack Obama is more of a political biography than anything else and concentrates on his campaign for the better part. His policy focuses on a host of issues – from education to healthcare, terrorism to other pertinent topics. Thus it gives true meaning to the philosophy which Barack Obama has been campaigning for in the run up to the 2008 US Presidential Elections.

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