Campus Crew Customer Communication.

As a function of this, this brief analysis will consider the customer communication strategy for campus crew in Peterborough Ontario.

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Due to this particular understanding of the customer communication strategy, the Peterborough Ontario campus crew has a limited scope and interaction with the end consumer. Whereas other aspects of the business cycle integrate directly with the consumer and expressly state their function/purpose/and service offerings, the campus crew is non-proactive and its offerings and services to the end consumer are merely taken for granted (Hennig-Thurau 57). As such, this does not present a situation in which the business model or business plan has a high degree of interaction with the consumer and therefore risks the continuation of services due to an under-appreciation and or misunderstanding of responsibilities and services engaged upon. In this way, it is the recommendation of this author that in order to engage with shareholders in a more complete way, the customer communications strategy of the campus crew in Peterborough Ontario must be completed overhauled and updated so as to engage the shareholders and customers with the services and products offered.

Hennig-Thurau, Thorsten. “Relationship Quality And Customer Retention Through Strategic Communication Of Customer Skills.” Journal Of Marketing Management 16.1-3 (2000): 55-79. Business Source Premier. Web. 25 Mar.

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