A brief report.


wn by many researchers and this was evident from the literature review (Part B) that the stress management is something which needs to be managed by the individual itself.

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 A brief report.
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Although there are various factors that result in the creation of stress but they need to be tackled so that the side-effects of it can be avoided in future (Haider and Supriya, 2007). In order to cope with the stress, the third part of the paper will shed light on the practical implications of stress management. There are two folds in the implications. one is related to my personal implication, how I acquired this skill and the second is related to its implication in the broader world which comprises mainly of the work environment.

Before starting the discussion on how I have managed to cope up with my stress problem, it is important that I briefly outline the misconception that I had in my mind. The common mistake that is found by many people is that they use depression and stress interchangeably (Ballesteros and Whitlock, n.d.) but in reality both are totally different type of mental illnesses (Gall et al., 2003). Depression is an extreme case in which the person suffering from it needs medical treatment whereas stress is something that can occur in anyone’s life in daily routine such as reaching school on time, attending the meeting, preparing for the exams, dealing with the boss and many more (Gall et al., 2003).

Therefore, in order to overcome my stress level in my daily routine, I followed the tips highlighted by Dr. Jenni (2007) and Osseck et al. (2004) which helped me to develop effective techniques that I can apply whenever I feel stressed. The foremost thing is managing the stress is to identify the problem and I was aware of the fact that I used to get nervous and panic a lot in stressful situation. When I reflected on my behaviour, I realized that I had two problems i.e. lack of self-confidence which hindered my communication and presentation skills and ineffective management

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