A comparative study of extreme Islamic terrorist groups.

People who carry out terrorist activities never formally do not identify themselves as opponents nor are they controlled by any political entity (Roy Long, 2004, pp. 1-4). Terrorism is categorized between ideological, national and religion. The reasons behind the terrorist attacks are political domination, religious fanaticism and divine revelation (Durmaz, 2007, p.209). The trauma of terror created by the terrorist has a huge impact on the United States. United States of America is known as a very powerful country in the world especially with respect to its military base. U.S.A has reacted very strongly against the act of terrorism and has taken all measures to prevent them. The United States faces homeland insecurity, owing to terrorism and its impact on American society.

Terrorism was prevalent in the world from many decades but in a very small form. But the perception towards terrorism largely changed after the September 11 incident that occurred in United States in the year 2001. It shocked the entire world especially the people of America started suffering from homeland insecurity. United States took a drastic step in reforming laws and policies. Several government agencies were combined to build the Department of Homeland Security. Millions of dollars were spent for the formation of the U.S Patriot Act which helps in ferreting out prospective criminals and terrorist acts. Current anti terrorism laws which initiated around the world started after the September 11 incident. United States was attacked by the terrorist group called al-Qaeda. This group is mostly famous for its fanaticism and violent approach of terrorism. This group mostly acts on the basis of religious inspiration rather than political philosophy. The countries that have already experienced terrorism, mostly accuses individuals for criminal offence than politicized crime.

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A comparative study of extreme Islamic terrorist groups.
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