A dating agency

In the dating agency its role is to act as an intermediary but is not held responsible if the two people meet and harm or are truly in love (Francis taylor, 2014). Its main role is to ensure that it links up people from different people to fulfill their desires. Joining a dating agency is always free but there are different packages where some charges are applied this can be a one off thing or after some time elapses. The charges and any difficulties of anyone accessing it. It is good to realize that in as much as the requirements require one to place their real name they cannot be counterchecked.

The dating company should improve their transactional payment this requires that we ensure the payment portal is secured and there is enough space where hackers cannot be able to access. It also needs to ensure that the respond channel is instant so as to notify the client that the money has been credited to the companies account in a timely manner. Having such information will act as a guide for the business to show that transparency has been supported by the system built. It is very important to create an app for this where interested party can download and ensure that their business has been accessible to existing and new business in a formal way (JunghoBaek, 2008).Though the clients here to link up with a clear background partner they may wish to remain anonymous this can be a catch 22 for the organization to ensure that business has been to be done professionally.

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A dating agency
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The business setup should ensure that net neutrality does not affect the site of the dating agency. This is also important to realize that also the confidentiality should be governed to prevent strangers from accessing other business. It is thus important for the software to be upgraded with utmost professionalism. One of the challenges in this century is about cybercrime.

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