A persuasive postion paper on Fast food, burger king VS McDonalds.

Others would counter that the discerning diner will detect real differences between fast food franchises when flavor, promotions and dining experience are considered. As one of these discerning consumers, I feel considerable differences can be found when comparing two fast food franchises such as Burger King and McDonalds.

McDonalds is truly a ground –breaking enterprise. Global in scope and backed by decades of success, this fast food giant has set the standard for all others for many years. This fact is apparent in McDonald’s popularity and profits (Associated Press). But like an old shoe that’s been worn too much, McDonald’s has a sole that is wearing thin. The greatest problem is flavor of the food. True, it has been consistent for many decades, but that’s the problem. While other eateries have been innovative in positive ways, McDonalds seems to be stuck in a flavor rut. They are constantly introducing new items, like burritos and iced coffee, but they just seem to taste like everything else they already sell. Perhaps this can be attributed to the predictability of the promotions McDonalds tend to run. Cheap plastic gizmos of the latest blockbuster movie for the kids and sweepstakes games like monopoly are old and tired. They just add to a dated feeling present on the menu and in the store. McDonalds seems to have kept none of the nostalgia that has made it a traditional favorite while at the same time not really moving forward with anything truly innovative for years.

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A persuasive postion paper on Fast food, burger king VS McDonalds.
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Burger King, on the other hand, has made great strides in producing outstanding flavor results on its menu. The best innovation isn’t really an innovation at all. They simply offer fresh tomatoes, lettuce and onions on all of their burgers as a standard feature. They haven’t started making new products. Instead, they focus on doing a better job on giving their existing products the best flavor possible.

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