Abnormal family.


, this easy examines the various problems that women face all over the world such as relationship issues in marriage, their happiness, fertility issues, self identity, and freedom.

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Abnormal family.
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I would like to thank my dear mother who took care of me and encouraged me to follow my dream of being a writer, despite being a woman. Notwithstanding all the problems she went through for educating her girl child, she was able to educate me to university level, and study the course of my dream. Thanks to all mothers out there who have done the same for their children in order to create a better world. Furthermore, I thank all female organizations that have purposed to educate women on the importance of fighting for their rights in relationships and independence.

In the novel, the two women Jane and Akiko live in different parts of the world, but are connected by a cooking TV show known as ‘The American Wife’, which shows American housewives making wholesome American meat dishes (Ozeki 8). The show is produced by Jane the filmmaker, while Akiko watches it and prepares the meat dishes to her husband, but she runs to the bathroom to throw up. However, according to (Ozeki 12), the meat is used as a metaphor, in which the cows refers to women, chattel to wives, the meat or flesh refers to the bodies of women, as well as the sexual and the irreducible element of human identity. The television is used metaphorically to refer to the meat market, and Jane represents the physical image of the American housewives that satisfy the needs of the Japanese TV consumers.

The year of meats is makes a deductive argument by highlighting lesbianism issues in the society. People in the society usually have negative attitudes towards people who are not heterosexual mainly in terms of relationships, identity and community. This is called homophobia and mainly leads to discrimination of such people. It occurs in terms of workplace discrimination, physical attacks, and homophobic jokes among others.

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