Abstraction Reaction.


My expectation changed throughout the project because I gathered confidence as I progressed with the activity. Initially, I doubted I whether I could make a rational sketch without looking at the paper. However, I was surprised of the sketch that I produced after the project because the figure was excellent. Interestingly, I realized that I positioned some of the components of my subject accurately in my sketch. Abstract sketches promote creativity because they provide the artist with the opportunity of employing a diverse range of expressions. This is because abstract sketches should not necessarily represent reality. Moreover, abstract sketches are more personal because they provide a person with an approach of seeing more into a specific artist’s psyche (Cramer 28).

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Abstraction Reaction.
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I liked the experience after realizing a wonderful collage that I was able to make after the project. The project provided me with good experience that developed my skills. I was conscious about my original subject throughout my sketching activity. For example, I utilized information from my source material when designing an outline of my work. This included using the material in determining the size, and the appropriate color to apply at each section of my work. My expectations increased as I progressed with the project. This is because successful completion of each activity motivated me into working more on the piece in order to make it better. This because I realized I had the potential of producing a masterpiece as I progressed with the project.

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