Adult Aging and Development Project Description

Lastly, there is retrieval that is the getting back the memory from storage for use. Researchers in human development and aging have gone deep scrutinizing the speed of processing information and working memory capacity to understand the effect of the age difference on the memory.

In the memory process, the older adults have a myriad of issues like retrieval and encoding problems. The strategies of encoding are not readily used by the older adults as it happens to the young adults. There is decreased the flow of blood to the brain while encoding hence less brain activity. The older adults are more affected by false memories. False memories are made of the remembering and giving an account to events that never took place. For the fact that the old are affected more than the young ones, then they are not used in the court of law to testify as eyewitnesses in most cases.

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Adult Aging and Development Project Description
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The older adults have a problem with having selective attention. The distracters affect the old more than it does to the young adults. Therefore, there is difficulty in the performance of complex tasks for their nature of divided attention. At the same time when talking to the adults, there is a need to be relevant and provide with an environment that is less distracted for better performance. As one age, their attention deficit keeps increasing up to the point they cannot work on any work constructively.

From the studies, there is a substantial decline in intellectual abilities. There is a steady increase in intelligence up to the age of sixty where the fluid intelligence starts to decrease hence becoming less intelligent than the younger counterparts. The exceptional creativity that is extraordinary and helpful to the society is at its peak in the thirties and the decline as time goes. The older people lose that compelling desire to be creative hence the decreased creativity in the adults.&nbsp.

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