Total investment in advertising media has been forecasted to be USD 558.4 billion by the year 2016 (Neoadvertising, 2011).

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There are several challenges that the advertisers face when marketing their products. Advertising is a costly affair and thus it increases the cost of the product. It at times misleads the public and also creates dissatisfaction among them (The Guardian, 2012).

Junk food can be referred as an informal expression that is used for food. It does not have much nutritional values. It has been observed that junk foods have negative impacts upon the health of the people (Nawathe & et. al., 2007).

Government has stated that the junk food marketers must not advertise their products to the kids because such advertisements may attract the kids and may create harm to their health. Although several efforts are being made to reduce such marketing towards the children, there has been rise in the fast food advertisement aimed towards 2-to-18 years’ old children (Noguchi, 2012).

The main marketers that tend to advertise their products to the teens are McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Domino’s, Taco Bell, Burger King and Dunkin’s Donut. These companies target the teens because they are heavy users of social networking sites, cell phone messages as well as games. Therefore, targeting them becomes easier (Melnick, 2010).

The main objective of the advertising done by the fast food marketers is to stimulate brand affinity that begins at early age. Most of the marketers advertise targeting at parents as well with the perception that greater exposure held by parents will lead to more routine fast food dining (Melnick, 2010)

It has been noted that in the year 2002, a group of over-weight children filed a complaint against McDonald’s from New York. They stated that certain food products of the company lead to several diseases such as over-weight,

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