African History.


Two women shaped Kings early life, one was his mother and other was his maternal grandmother. Martin Luther had great belief in God, which was nurtured by his father and other close relatives.

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African History.
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He encountered church every Sunday and there some 4,000 members of Atlanta’s Black community found refuge from the mistreatment that was their daily experience in a state where segregation laws where strictly enforced. He sooner started realizing the hard life of Black Africans who were ill treated by Whites. Later in life he became enthralled by the work of Mahatma Gandhi who fought against the British colonial rule. So he wanted to help American Blacks win their freedom, not from foreign rule but from injustice. Martin Luther chose the non – violent way of preaching which was able to captivate Black and white listeners alike. Later he became a Christian minister in church and a leading figure in the fight for Black people’s right by organizing many peaceful marches, protests and speeches.

The revolution of Martin Luther king was part of the ongoing struggle of Black Americans for equality and civil rights. For a dozen years, this charismatic Baptist minister and his legion of followers had confronted the humiliating system of segregation that had kept Black Americans second- class citizens. In doing this, King and his disciples had faced a raging storm of white abuse. They had been beaten, arrested, jailed and spat upon. They had their homes and churches burned, their families threatened, their friends and allies murdered. Yet they kept on. They marched. staged boycotts and sit –ins. they broke unjust laws and, in the end, they awakened the nation and world to the shame of American racial persecution.

Through it all, no matter how badly provoked, no matter how brutal their enemies, they have never turned into violence, because with every ounce of his being Martin Luther King believed in non – violence.

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