Aircraft Wing Design Considerations.

It is imperative to note that the inherent explanation remains as a misconception and is entirely incorrect. Essentially, all wings that exists within a designed aerofoil irrespective of its degree of tilting, and shape normally have to create approximately 100 percent of their own lift mainly due to Newton’s resultant force. A

contrary explanation would eliminate the effect of Newton and consequently, it would exist as a misconception. However, all wings normally create their own lift resultantly from Bernoulli Equation mainly due to difference in pressure across the surfaces of the wings.

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Aircraft Wing Design Considerations.
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Secondly, some people believe in the misconception that the Newton’s laws within aerofoil relates to the inherent angle of attack while the Bernoulli Effect relates to the wing shape. The explanation is entirely incorrect since Newton’s laws relate to all features that exist within the wing that includes attack angle and shape of the wing. Similarly, in relation to Bernoulli’s effect wing shape has effect the same way angle of attack remains critical. Therefore, wings do not inherent violate neither Bernoulli equation nor Newton’s laws.

Thirdly, some have the misconception that during generation of an aerofoil lift, the inherent upper parts of the foil must have more curvature compared to the lower surface. The misconception remains entirely incorrect for various reasons that define correct lifting of an aerofoil. First, the explanation remains as a misconception because most lifts can result from symmetrical airfoil in a similar manner as those applied within acrobatic aircraft. Moreover, lifts can also result from flat plywood pieces that are tilted, thin fabric airfoils, and paper airplanes (Beaty 1).

In common, explanation as aforementioned, two basic explanations exist for generation of lift by an aerofoil.

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