Alcoholism and it’s effect on the Addict and their lives.

The number of people affected by this issue is rapidly growing with numbers as high as 200 million alcoholics around the world. Individually there are certain issues one goes through, with the loss of control due to alcohol present in the body, these problems can elevate and take major negative turns, which at times has led to suicide and death instances. (Economist online, 2011)

The social habit of drinking small amounts is the early stage of turning a sober person into realizing the hazy feeling of being relaxed. The body after a short period of time starts to demand and becomes dependant on Alcohol. hence the heavy drinking comes to play a part. This addiction is then elevated into uncontrollable desire of being drunk. There are many reasons to which people want to drink. There are certain social factors that contribute towards making a person feel better through drinking that enable a person to drink. In other instances people try to fight their emotions through drinking. While being drunk, a person usually ends up forgetting the line of being in control of a person’s thoughts and between getting abused by alcohol. Young adults seek to be more effected as this habit can cause more addiction in the early age and can have a disrupting future for many. It is then very hard to keep people from developing early age symptoms of being drunk. Certain age and regulations do control the alcohol selling but due to different societies and places, the laws vary and societies in most European countries are much more open about drinking to that of America or Asia.

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Alcoholism and it’s effect on the Addict and their lives.
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There are certain notions that are present within the early stages of alcoholics that can help in stopping towards the long term problems. The problems are related to neglect the responsibilities at home, work and/or school.

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