American Disability Act.

The main issue regarding the ADA was to understand the scope of the legislature itself. If an individual in fact was mentally or physical impaired, then the employers had the right to be compensated for it. However, many employers were reluctant to actually employee individuals with disability because they would not. This case because pivotal as it reached all the way to the supreme court, in which the supreme court affirmed the decision of the supreme court to dismiss if motor skills pertained to disability. The fact remained, what can be considered as a disability?

After many trials and tribulations, the Supreme Court finally decided to pass the ADA with clear and a broader scope then defined earlier by its predecessors. Although this shook the grounds of the definition of the disability itself, it extended the definition to be mentally and physically. Moreover, Title VIII enhanced the component of discrimination that extended beyond an imperative mental state and racism against any colored individual.

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Clearly, I agree with the ADA act because a disability goes beyond a physical. This component is critical to diagnose and facilitate the disabled. Although I am concerned about the cases of fraud that can occur, it is better to assist those in need. I agree with the supreme court’s decision to extend the definition.

Concannon, James. “Mind Matters: Mental Disability and the History and Future of the Americans with Disabilities Act.”&nbsp.Law and Psychology Review.

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