Analyse Royal Bank of Scotland’s

Analyse Royal Bank of Scotland’s (UK) challenges over the past few months using concepts from academic and practitioner sources and propose your recommendations on how it could improve its reputation management. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.

For instance, nation such as the US, Italy and Greece are the recent countries to have undergo a staid economic crisis with that of the US compelling closure of state governments. Most of the RBS challenges are associated with financial market trends, the ever-dynamic technological trends and market competition. This brings us to the analysis of the challenges

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Analyse Royal Bank of Scotland’s
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Technology: Emerging banking technologies enable banks to offer better services that are convenient in terms of reducing operation costs, increasing data security as well as enabling a great consumer experience. However, the adaptation to emerging banking technologies is at times challenging to the banks since it requires greater need for investments.

Data and cyber security: Emerging banking technologies also seek to cater for the privacy and confidentiality of customer information that is exchanged while a consumer conducts their operations and/ or transactions online or when they share their information with the bank. As such, banking institutions are faced with the need to keep on updating their cyber security systems to ensure the privacy and confidentially of consumer data and information (PWC. (N.d.)).

RBS is compelled to pay a fine of $600 after investigation indicated that it collaborated with other banks such as Deutsche Bank and Citgroup among others for rigging financial benchmarks. Financial benchmark rigging refers to the manipulation of the interest rates by big players in the industry for financial gains. According the investigation, RBS played an active role and was required to pay $600 million as fine. This is a big financial setback since it slowed the operations of the bank due to the reduced capital reserves. The bank did not find any explanation to offer to the public over the claims of Libor manipulation as alleged by one of the employees and the consequent court ruling

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