Analysis and Application of Traditional Governance Models.


Not only in US , in all the other parts of the world, higher education institutions are complex organizations which have tremendous impact on the society.

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Analysis and Application of Traditional Governance Models.
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“Growing demand among learners for improved accessibility and convenience, lower costs, and direct application of content to work settings is radically changing the environment for higher education in the United States and globallyThe demand for higher education is increasing globally. (Sloan-C ) They are in search of convenient, cost effective and quality higher education in this rapid changing environment. In the case of Doctors, only an MBBS qualification is not sufficient enough for getting a good job. Along with MBBS, they need higher qualifications like MD, MS etc. to get good jobs. But such courses are not common everywhere and also the number of seats limited for such higher courses. The world economy is directly linked with knowledge. New organizations are emerging to cater the need of the higher education. Organizational changes and new developments are accelerating advances in learning technologies. Growing demand for learning combined with these technical advances challenges the traditional principles of old universities and institutions. New organizations compete directly with traditional universities. Traditional universities are changing their methodologies and curriculum to cater the demands of the modern world. The universities also divided into different segments like Public University, Open University, Self financing University, Science and Technology University, Agriculture University, Vocational University etc. Some of them functions under the government while others under private sector.

Higher educational organizations are different in many ways from other organizations. Conventional management theories may not work with such institutions.

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