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Analysis of Quantitative Research Article 

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Analysis of Quantitative Research Article : Essay Fountain
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 First of all I need a professional writing who understand quantitative research deeply    


– Analyze the quantitative survey research article, ( see attachment )   using the six questions below.  

-Include the APA formatted reference at the top of your assignment.         

– Include APA-formatted reference entry.  

Conduct analysis using these questions: 

 1.Is there a statement of the problem?  If so, what is the problem statement? 

2.Does the problem indicate a particular focus (population, variables, research method)?  If so, what is the particular focus?

 3.What are the specific research questions listed or specific hypotheses stated?  What variables are identified in the research questions or hypotheses?

 4.Are the research design and procedures appropriate for examining the research questions or for testing the hypotheses of the study?

 5.How are the size and major characteristics of the population and sample described? 

6.How are the results of the data analysis presented?  

 No more than 4 pages

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