Analysis of the film

It speaks of several forms of drug addictions and their consequences. The importance of the film also lies in its ability to understand the ways in which family ties and bonds are severed irreparably through the use of drugs. The ability of the movie to manoeuver through the technical aspects of filmmaking is also brilliant. The movie is noteworthy not only for its deft handling of the theme but also for the team’s ability to use sound and lighting to weave itself into the story.

The movie is not a long one and its runtime is just one hundred and one minutes. This means that the story is told without any additional frills. It stands on its own and this is thanks to the excellent editing that was performed on it. The scenes that are shown in the edited version of the movie reveals how details are squeezed into every frame in order to keep the runtime short and the pace quick. The pace of the movie varies according to the mood that its protagonists are in. Given that this is a movie that speaks of the metal states and social positions of drug addicts, there are several changes of pace that the movie undergoes. This is significant as it makes it possible for the viewer to understand better exactly what the mental conditions of the protagonists are. They are also able to understand better the situations that drug addicts put themselves through once they are deprived of what comes to become their lifeblood. This irony is what the changes of pace are able to convey in the movie without taking the viewer on an unnecessary roller-coaster ride that may have degenerated into melodrama. The movie’s slick editing makes it possible for the viewer to retain the message of the movie without the movie having to be preachy in its tone. This, according to many was one of the major victories of the movie.

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Analysis of the film
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