Analysis on Team Dynamics.

Self managed teams are known to operate in a much effective and efficient manner and their productivity levels are even quite high. This is because when trust is bestowed upon employees, they end up learning at a higher rate and they tend to correct their mistakes and face issues on their own instead of depending on a manager to correct them in their operations.

One of the major benefits that self managed team is that such teams are able to identify new ways of performing or attaining targets. Since, these teams are not being lead or are not being provided with the objective of attaining targets, members of these teams tend to come up with their own ideas of performing a particular job which can result in methods that are much effective as well as efficient. A major issue with these teams is that they may end up applying methods to work that may result in heavy losses since they implement trial and error method to figure out new ways to perform tasks. A major disadvantage of a manager controlled team is that in such teams decisions are mostly made by the managers and a manager who is directing such teams may not get the time to work on other important tasks. Mistakes and costs in manager lead teams are quite infrequent as they tend to use methods of operations that have already been tries and tested.

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Different members in a team are awarded with different roles and these roles contribute to the successful operations of a team. According to Belbin’s Team Role Theory, a team requires a Monitor Evaluator in order make contributions that are unbiased in nature and to analyze different solutions available to a team with a neutral mindset (Utley 284). Another role identified is that of an implementer, an implementer is necessary in a self directed team in order to identify a way to implement the strategy that was created by the team.

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