Analysis on the poem Cherrylog Road by James Dickey.

All throughout the poem though, it talks about how the lovers meet at an obviously arranged time when the woman is able to escape from her father’s farm. The nervousness of the woman about what they are doing is shown with the trembling of her lips which could also be her expression of equal desire of her lover. The poem also shows the boredom of a lover who waits on his partner, and the fear of being caught red-handed as they express their love to each other (Dickey).

Being a poem of reminiscing, the author could have written the poem to express his thoughts on passionate yet forbidden love affair. Whether or not a similar involvement could have been experienced by the author himself would not be a question worth meander thing on because the theme of the poem is widely experienced around the globe at different generations. Forbidden love affairs had been retold time and again through stories like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet so that the theme could have simply been an observation of the author and needed not be a first hand experience.

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Analysis on the poem Cherrylog Road by James Dickey.
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Passion and flame is well expressed in the poem in a metaphorical way, mentioning the blacksnake hunting the mouse with deadly excitement. The highly stimulated feelings expressed between the lovers are seen throughout the poem with changes of emotion from boredom, to fear and to pensive considerations. The author expressed boredom as he waited for his lover who is coming from her father’s farm and could have the possibility of being unable to meet him because of the latter’s restrictions. On meeting each other comes the nervousness and fear expressed not only by the man but the woman as well who fear being caught by her father. Then as the lovers separate, the author shifts to a thoughtful reconsideration of their affair, remaining drunk with the experience he had with his woman.

The author used metaphor greatly especially in expressing the consummation of the lovers’ love to each other.

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