Analyzing Personality.


I started when I was young when I dismantled my toy so as to understand how it worked. Thus, the test results implying that I do not seek new experiences is way away from the real me. My personality has never been constant since my early days. It has remained dynamic the more years pass by because the more I understand myself for whom I am. I am smarter, social, talkative, curious, and goal oriented than when I was young. Now that I am all grown up, my personality tends to be stable in that being dynamic is after a long period of time. Therefore, I agree to the fact that my personality has not remained the same, but I have transformed over time. My personality is very much different to that of my siblings. My siblings reflect the person I was not when I was young. They were social and did not shy away from social situations. Currently, we are very different in terms of choice of attire, how we spend leisure etc. In my leisure time, I enjoy watching movies, read a novel while they like gaming and playing basketball. Based on my test results, I think and do believe that a managerial position would suit me best in the workplace. It does not matter which industry I end up in, but my level of organization, being goal oriented, evaluative and not shying away from social situations would suit my management skills. Therefore, I am working very hard in my academics so that I can bring the best in me. In conclusion, the test results were above average and I accept on the overall level of accuracy.

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