Anatomy and physiology


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Anatomy and physiology
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Which of the following endocrineglands are located within the thoracicd. the adrenal cortexcavity?6.Which hormone targets thea.pancreasrenal tubules to stimulate waterthyroid glandreabsorption?C.adrenal glandsa. Epinephrined.thymusb.Calcitonin2.Which of the following is composed ofParathyroid hormoned.Antidiuretic hormonenervous tissue?a. anterior pituitary_7. The hormone calcitonin:b. adrenal cortexa. is produced by the thyroid glandc. pineal glandb. reduces calcium levels in the blood. posterior pituitaryc. is produced by parafollicular cellsd. all of the above3.What organ sends signals to thepituitary gland that regulate its8.The part of the pancreas that producessecretion activity?the hormones insulin and glucagon is#hypothalamusthe:b. anterior pituitarya. body of the pancreas onlyc. pineal glandb. acinid. stomachc. pancreatic isletsd. all of the above4.Thyroxine and triiodothyronine areproduced by:9.The hormone that is released intoa. parafollicular cellsthe bloodstream in response to risingb. the parathyroid glandslevels of glucose is called:c. follicle cells of the thyroida. thyroid hormoned. alpha cells of the pancreasb. insulinC.glucagon5. A prepared slide of unknown tissued.cortisolincludes rings of cuboidal or columnarepithelium that surround a potential10. Exposing a fish to excess insulin causesspace that contains a stained fluid. Youit to:are observing:a. swim fasta. the adenohypophysisb.. increase its levels of glucose in theb. a pancreatic isletbloodc. the thyroid glandC.become comatosed.

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