Anti bullying.

In order to gain domination over others, bullies use coercion or physical assault, threats or verbal forms of harassment of which they normally direct towards identified ‘soft’ targets whom are likely to offer less resistance to the bullies.

According to Lemus, bullies rationalize and justify their behaviors based on their differences with the victims on appearance, gender, class, behavior, religion, race, sexuality, or abilities (23-25). In the writings by Sullivan, he stated that bullying is normally classified into four key categories that include cyber bullying, physical bullying, verbal bullying, and emotional bullying, and when the bullies operate in a group it is termed as mobbing (68-71).

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According to Hadikin and O’Driscoll, cases of bullying are more rampant at schools where majority of those who are physically strong, have unique capabilities, or come from a financially well-off background, tend to look down upon others whom they perceive as weak targets (78-82). In addition, cases of bullying also exists within the workplace, where in most cases those who are in senior positions tend to show tendency of bullying toward those who are in junior positions. Bullying within schools and at workplaces is termed as peer abuse.

This present informative essay is divided into a three part series that begins with the causes of bullying, the effects of bullying, and anti-bullying practices that should be implemented largely in schools.

In the studies conducted by Lemus, he stated that bullying is caused by social factors that alter the behavior and attitudes of the bullies who pick on bad behavior of intimidating and harassing other people (32-34).

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