Applied Economics-Using SAS.

These factors are not, however, explicitly correlated as poorer nations have been identified as potential future economies provided that health care expenditure is minimal.

On the other hand, the consideration of education quality affects the level of economic output of the nation at hand. Hence, among the research questions that this exercise seeks to answer include “What is the relationship between education and population growth and the associated impacts? Additionally, the relationship between health expenditure and population growth provides room for analyzing the movement of resources to fund some sectors while others, which in differ in priority, are postponed. In order to understand that the economic theory provides insight into the aspect of whether related economic functions have any influence on the other. For instance, this section involves the use of Statistics Analysis Software (SAS) from which regression tests are performed to provide the desired information to respond to the research questions. By using regression analyses, the relationships between education and population, population and health, and education & health care. Although the economic theory aims at solving economic dilemmas, it is also used to analyze the foreseeable dilemmas. For instance, one of the dilemmas that economic analysts have to deal with is the identification of opportunity costs when managing public funds. It is feared that situations that call for decisions that are almost equally sound, the implicit benefits may fall short of explicit benefits. Consider an economic situation in which the GDP is affected by the health expenditure. Data analyzed in this section considers population growth, education expenditure, and health expenditure of Argentina, Brazil, United States, Canada, Germany, France, India, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia as some of the major economies facing education and health expenditure issues (SchreiberWWII, 1).

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 Applied Economics-Using SAS.
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