Argument critical.


Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson are two Presidents who shared a century, but had many differing views in relation to politics, policy, society, and in the ways they inspired loyalty. Despite the fact that they did share some details in common these two men are far more different than they are alike.

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Thomas Jefferson was born to the Virginia elite in 1743. He received a proper education and was active in, both, politics and law. He was remarked to be an eloquent writer and correspondent, however, he made for a very poor public speaker. Of course, he is most certainly remembered for his drafting the Declaration of Independence. During the conflicts between the Federalist and Democratic-Republican Parties he became the reluctant leader of the Republicans and Presidential Candidate in 1796. however he lost the election by less than a handful of votes. However, he did win the office in 1800. He held two terms in office with mixed successes during both his terms in office.1 Andrew Jackson was born in the backwoods, border lands in the Carolinas. He received no formal education but became a skilled lawyer through self-tutelage. He was active in politics and was often perceived as a candidate that represented the “common” man. He was decorated General during the War of 1812, He was remarked to be a man with a temper, who engaged in brawls, would violently defend his honor, and once killed a man in a duel for insulting his wife. In 1828 he was elected to the Presidency. The issues between the interests of differing political parties had created two distinct sides through Jackson’s presidency. the Democratic-Republicans (or Democrats) and those who opposed his administration, the “Whigs.” His succinct, resilient, and outspoken President earned him the nickname “Old Hickory.”

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