Army Battle command systems including the software.

The other target groups are other officers in the joint military forces. Missions Command deploys such technologies in the management of such operations. The leadership is therefore able to make logical and well-informed decisions. Project management is also very constructive in the planning of activities in the order of priority.

Project management is essential for every organization. It enables organizations to take care of the resources and time, and ensures that the objectives of and the project are achieved. Secondly, with systematic project management styles, it is easy to monitor the progress of every project and to determine the outcome. In fact, it is possible for project managers to predict the results of the projects. Third, it enables the organization to plan its activities in the order of priority. For example, software design precedes testing and implementation. Finally, it assists an organization in evaluation of projects to establish the feasibility and the value of the projects.

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Army Battle command systems including the software.
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Projects are organized according to the strategic plan of the organization. The leadership prepares strategic plans for every year, with the number of projects to be conducted. The organization of projects determines the sequence of projects, in a manner that multiple projects can run concurrently. For example, in the software design and development project, more than one system can be developed concurrently. While one project reaches the implementation stage, the other project can be found to have reached the documentation and test stage. The organization of the projects depends on the available resources, the urgency of project implementation and the available time for the projects. Organizations work with the project plans to eliminate confusion between multiple projects running concurrently.

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