Art in dark, Dark in art.

On the other hand, art may not always be depicted in the same positive scenario. In fact, the opposite side of what is picturesque and ecstatic is shown through bloody images that sometimes evoke negative feelings on those who view the art. Gloomy colors, grotesque bodies, and distorted imagery characterize art in dark. Does art in dark have a place in people’s sight, thoughts, and emotions? Why is there such a thing as dark in art and for what purposes does it serve?

During the Late Renaissance period, a distinct type of art emerged in Florence, Rome, Italy and eventually the rest of Europe (Esaak). While it was considered a down time for artists in general, there was a group trained in the ancient styles who focused on a different kind of art that was the exact reverse of those during the High Renaissance. This was aptly called the Mannerism and it showed masterpieces packed with unsettling characters with very long limbs, uncanny emotions and ideas, and conflicting colors. The same could be observed with the nude characters that were modeling strange positions.

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Art in dark, Dark in art.
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Mannerism was said to be a mixture of Christianity, Classicism, and mythology. Esaak adds that even Michelangelo himself joined in the craze as a reflection of his adaptability and tendency toward emotional art. Michelangelo typically seem to be a bit uncaring when it comes to his portrayals of human beings.

In the modern day era, lots of other artists have delved in the same artistic but pessimistic theme. Some of them have graduated in traditional art schools with flying colors. While they have started out in the mainstream, others became confident enough to express their real emotions in their art. Feelings of fear, emptiness, aggression, confusion, anxiety, anger and defeat surround their art works.

Despite this inclination towards art in dark, most of these artists have been successful in their respective fields of endeavor.

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