Art in the field.


Initially designed to serve as a private get-a-away for the family that bought the area, the Hakone Garden was influenced by the family’s visit to Japan and their admiration for the local architecture and landscaping present there. Japanese landscape artists and architects helped to bring their vision to reality while maintaining an air of authenticity for the garden. The garden is set in layers which allow the visitor to experience each different section in leisure and to really absorb their charms. Though the Garden is smaller as compared to other national or specialty parks this works to bring to a picturesque quality to the whole setting and for those who are truly looking to experience the Japanese ‘art’ it is very easy to spend hours just strolling among the landscape.

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Personally the section which attracted me the most was the Bamboo garden. These tall ‘grass’ are an oddity when compared to the natural forests we are used to. the long and slender stalks reaching up to meet the sky create a very unique world to walk through. There is a strength depicted in the garden where so many bamboos stand together to create a curtain of green and it can be intimidating in a sense. The serenity of the place when combined with this deeper strength creates two layers of meaning to the section and this is why I felt most attracted to it.

The Koi pond was a beautiful and the fish in no little way contributed to that. The flashing red of the fish when contrasted with the blue flowing water made for a very eye-catching combination. At the time of my visit, preparations were going on for a wedding to be held in the afternoon. The beautiful backgrounds make for a unique photo shoot, and many people admire the opportunity to indulge in a different culture while celebrating their special days.

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