Article Review: Assessing and Managing the Terrorist Threat.

have made not only American security organs to improve but also those of the entire global community so as to counter the extent of terrorism whose intricacy continues to augment by the day. However, in the article “Assessing and Managing the Terrorism Threat” Leson highlights significant changes that characterize law enforcement operations since then to date, for instance, increased sharing of intelligence information among key security levels. Besides enhancing the effectiveness of disseminating intelligence, some of the current evident and outstanding improvements include the development of computer-based counter-terrorism system, which is in all 50 American states (Leson, 2005).

The 9/11 era has also been characterized by the emerging and enhancements of sophisticated communication systems as well as units. These include Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN), National Joint Terrorism Task Force (NJTTF), Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) besides others whereby the latter serves approximately 7,500 agencies. However, the mode of conducting timely and workable threat evaluations has not changed, which the author of this article highlights (Leson, 2005). This is through the use of monograph whose core aspects in the quest of addressing risk management include threat, vulnerability, and criticality assessment. Hence, aligning with this article author’s suggestion that the entire US law enforcement agencies as well as security entail both risk-assessment and management capacity. This is to actively and effectively counter terrorism, which 80% of the American society feels law enforcement to date has not handled it as necessitated to guarantee the entire people’s safety (Leson, 2005). Since, despite numerous advancements significant number of agencies are deemed to lack adequate skills compared to the current extent of terrorism complexity.

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Article Review: Assessing and Managing the Terrorist Threat.
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