Artificial Intelligent Neural Networks.

Computer technology has graced the world for over half a century now. In its infancy, the concept of artificial intelligence was conceived in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Jackson, 2014). As Chakrabarti (2008) says, ever since, much has been achieved but the development of a computer that can fully mimic the intelligence of a human is still not in sight. Although many scientists believe that this may be achieved by the year 2030, this is still a hard thing to achieve. However, the advances so far have been commendable (Committee on Autonomous Vehicles in Support of Naval Operations, 2005). Artificial intelligence comes in all types of manner, including the so called minimal artificial intelligence which is intelligence that is geared towards one task, as opposed to an all-round intelligence. In the recent past, technology firms such as Google have been trying to develop artificial intelligence that can be used to drive unmanned cars.

Secondary data will be used to analyze the growth of artificial intelligence especially in the use of this technology in robotics. The use of artificial neural networks will also be considered. To get a better understanding of the subject, a literature review of past studies will be done in order to establish how this technology has grown in the past. Recent studies will be reviewed in order to determine the state of the art for this technology. This will be feasible because there are massive studies and literature from these studies available with regard to artificial intelligence. Once the estate of the art of artificial intelligence has been determined, this will then be critically analyzed to determine how it can be used in developing unmanned cars.

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According to Neapolitan and Jiang (2012), unmanned Aerial Vehicle Global Hawk in 2001 was one the first unmanned vehicles to be able to make a long journey nonstop.

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