Asian-American Literature

Numerous Asian American historians developed systematic texts in which they explain the nature of life in the society especially after the cold war. In doing this, the various authors provide a variety of viewpoints thus expanding the existing official accounts of the same as the discussion below portrays.

Cold war just as the name suggests was a unique type of war in which the east got into strained relationship with their western counterparts. The effects of such strained relationships were severe especially for the Asian community living in the west. Various Asian American authors capture the ramifications of the cold war and the period preceding the cold war in their literary works. They use language systematically and the various literary techniques including fictional characters to present their views and experiences of the minority population. In her fictional novel entitled The Foreign student, Susan Choi provides her experiences of the society and the experiences of the Asian American population who despite the strained relationship between the west and the East continued to move to the United States in search of education among other opportunities.

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Asian-American Literature
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The Gangster We Are All Looking For by lê thi diem thúy and Interpreter of Maladies& Jhumpa Lahiri&nbsp.are two other similar works in which the authors use language systematically to break some of the commonly accepted truths about the cold war and how it affected the Asian American population. The three authors use language differently in their attempt to convey their feeling and thoughts on the experiences of the Asian Americans. Narration is key among the strategies. All the authors narrate their stories in different persons. Susan Choi for example adopts the third person narration technique. She creates fictional characters key among whom is Chuck, a South Korean boy who moves to the United States for studies.

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