Attachment Theory.

Children with attachment disorders suffer hardships in relating with others and cannot deal, effectively, with their emotions. There exists a wide variety of attachment issues depending on how disturbed a child is emotionally. These include conduct, attention deficit hypersensitivity, bipolar disorders among others.

Circumstances surrounding the causes of attachment issues, at times, are unavoidable. However, the child is too young to comprehend that which may be happening and the reasons behind it. To the child, it may seem like nobody cares and thusly lose trust in others. Symptoms of attachment disorder include avoiding physical affection, anger, lack of remorse, enjoy being in control, and withdrawal.

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Provision of relevant education on how to deal with attachment-disordered children should be considered. This primarily targets parents with attachment-disordered children as an essential step towards reversing its effects. New parenting skills are impacted to help in healing the maltreatment experienced during the child’s early life, assisting them secure attachments with their current caregivers. In addition, this creates a foundation of new trust, which is necessary for successful relationships in all aspects of life. Research has indicated that attachment parenting requires one to understand the concepts of regulation dysregulation, which refer to the physical and emotional state of the child (ATTACh, 2008). While in a regulated environment, children can learn at their best since, they have a flexible experience and can manage a range of emotions without being overwhelmed. In addition, the child becomes more receptive, calm and can process thoughts and feelings.

It is also critical that parents maintain a position that reflects the notion of being wiser and more mature that the child.

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