Bakans five propositions for exploring World Music.


There is a big similarity in the way the quality of music and the quality of sound are always judged. Just like sound, music can also be pleasant or unpleasant depending on the audience. Sound is usually a result of vibration of an object, for instance, a guitar string being plucked. After the sound is produced, its transition usually takes place through a medium, which is in most cases the air. It is in the human ears that the sound causes a vibration of the eardrum leading to the creation of impulses which are then transmitted to the brain. It is in the brain that the sound is judged as pleasant or unpleasant. The same process will take place for music only that in judging of quality of music the brain will us other content values such as rhyme and lyrical content (Graham 186).

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Bakans five propositions for exploring World Music.
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To prove just how much sound is important, it will be good to look at those factors that are always used to determine whether a song is of good quality or not. One of these factors is pitch. The pitch of sound refers to whether a sound is heard to be low or high. The difference in the pitch of sound is always brought about by the difference in the frequency of vibration of the object producing the sound. Fast vibrations usually produce higher pitches while the slow ones produce lower pitches. Pitch is always measured in cycle in each second.

In terms of music, tone is the term normally used to refer the definite pitch. Tones usually have specific frequency. Tones have regular vibrations and always get to the ear at equal intervals. When tones have different pitches they usually end up having different sounds. This nature of sound makes it and the importance of music in general. With the knowledge of the difference between the highest and the lowest tones of sound, also called rage, musicians can also manipulate the outcome of the music.

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