Basketball Point Guard Training Program.


which they are able to perform different actions but also must consider all those actions that are required to develop their performance on continuous basis (Hatfield & Brody, n. d.).

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 Basketball Point Guard Training Program.
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Conversely, outcome goals are mainly concerned with the end results that the athletes desire to achieve. It has been apparently observed that outcome goals are closely associated with process goals. The process goals are considered to be the paths that lead the athletes to achieve the positive outcomes (Hatfield & Brody, n. d.).

The athletes should divide the goals into such activities that can be easily achieved as short-term goals. The achievement of these goals will certainly make the training programs interesting as well as boost the confidence of the athletes by a greater extent. On the other hand, long term goals rely upon the successful achievement of short-term goals. In this regard, failure to achieve short term goals will ultimately lead towards collapse in accomplishing long-term goals (Hatfield & Brody, n. d.).

Training is regarded to be important aspect for any athletes that sharpens and develops necessary qualities as well as skills in order to render outstanding performances particularly in the sports arena. Athletes become more efficient and skillful only when they are provided with quality training program. In relation to basketball training program, it has been observed that it is quite difficult for a basketball team to succeed in any competition without a strong point guard. Any basket ball teams greatly rely upon point guards for their success in the competition. Point guards often act as a catalyst between the teammates and their likely performances to attain success. The prime objective of point guard training program is to develop certain skills of the athletes like dribbling, outside shooting, conditioning, passing and faking skills for achieving highest performance during the competitions (Special Olympics Nova Scotia, 2007).

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