Bauhaus & Typography.


Bauhaus designs and architecture has become an integral part of all the designs that are currently used in most communities. In the history of the design, there is no other term that has many facets. It has still provided a lot of social platforms that many people use for communication for the use of modern Twitter and even Facebook. Since Bauhaus decided to combine elements of teaching that is related to the fine art and design education, his influence is still felt and it is expected to last even longer as it is still taught to many students in schools. The trademark of the modern architecture is still based on the feature that he developed. Up to date, the whole world still recognises Bauhaus to be the home of the Avant guard of the modern classical style in almost all the areas of the liberal and applied arts. As from the early 20th Century to date, not even one architectural style and design has had an influence on the modern style as Bauhaus style has done. At first, Bauhaus field of the application was restricted to small miscellaneous matters. Many people considered typography to be used primarily for communication, which was not the case, then. This resonance of the Bauhaus to date, still gives inspiration to designers and even architects all over the world. However, a constantly growing social community media is continuing to establish its roots all over the globe. The movement networks of Bauhaus for a very long time comprises of many platforms namely: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and many more.

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