Baz Luhrmans romeo and Juliet.

He revived the ideas and themes of Shakespeare and gave them a new touch while keeping the mood and confidence high of Shakespeare’s original play by making one of the most genuine and honest versions of “Romeo and Juliet”.

The themes presented in the film in 1995 are still relevant today as well because they are applicable to the real life, especially the theme of the revenge in the film, which turned out to be one of the most memorable scenes. In this scene Luhrmann demonstrates his creativity by different camera angles to make the scene more attractive and dramatic. As Romeo chases Tybalt in his car to take revenge from him, the director gives another camera touch to the scene by turning the sky color into dark. The dark sky gives a more real effect of the revenge and the anger of Romeo which led him to kill Tybalt, because Tybalt had killed Mercutio (Romeo’s friend). This uncontrollable anger of Romeo was displayed to be very natural as in the real word, anyone would be madly furious at the murderer of his close one. (Film Reviews: Directors Decisions in Romeo and Juliet)

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The other themes presented in the film include the war between the love of two unlike people and the total destruction of hatred of the world, the light and pleasure of their love and the darkness of the dispute between their families, their terrible fate and the determination of their love. All these themes were presented by Shakespeare 400 years ago and as Luhrmann wanted the film to be made the way Shakespeare would want it to be, so just a few minor changes were made by Luhrmann like replacing swords and knives with guns and horses with cars, so as to modernize the film and present it according to the 20th century audience.

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