Behaviors leading to insomnia.


Other symptoms that manifest because of this condition are waking up too early and suffering from fatigue upon waking up (Morin et. al., 2011).

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Behaviors leading to insomnia.
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Insomnia often manifests itself as either primary insomnia or secondary insomnia. Primary insomnia refers to sleeplessness that is not caused by any underlying condition while secondary insomnia is caused by an underlying medical condition (Buysse, 2013). The various medical conditions that can cause insomnia include asthma, arthritis, cancer, pain or medication being ingested by a person (Jarin, Chen, Ivers & Morin, 2013). This condition also manifests in self, depending on its duration, as either acute or chronic. Acute insomnia lasts a shorter time, a few weeks, while chronic insomnia lasts longer.

There are varied effects that arise because of insomnia. Most of the effects of insomnia affect the quality of life and performance of daily tasks (Sasa et. al., 2010). In rare cases, insomnia results in death and this type of insomnia is referred to as fatal familial insomnia. First, insomnia decreases the quality of life in the form of lack of alertness and poor memory during the day (Sasa et. al., 2010). People who suffer from insomnia are more irritable, make more mistakes and develop poor relationships with their colleagues and spouses (Calhoun et. al., 2014).

Insomnia further affects the concentration and performance of the brain. Those who suffer from this condition often suffer from mental health conditions such as nervousness, irritability and fatigue (Watts, Coyle & East, 2011). The lack of sleep affects the concentration span and focus. The brain requires several hours of sleep for it to achieve optimum concentration to perform tasks. Insomnia compromises the brain’s ability to process information.

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