Being Sane in Insane Places

Roseanne explains in his essay, ‘ ‘On Being Sane In Insane Places” that society labels people permanently for some things that occur rarely. Roseanne clarifies In this essay that patients who are considered ‘ ‘ schizophrenic,” and ‘ ‘ Insane” aren’t truly schizophrenic or Insane for the rest of their lives. There was an experiment conducted with eight sane people who explored twelve different psychiatric Institutions across the united States.
These eight people entered these capitals as patients, therefore treated as patients and were only discharged by proving the authorities and staff that they were Indeed sane. They had to participate In all activities, even take prescription drugs that were never swallowed. They were afraid that they would be exposed as frauds because they were always observing and note taking: however, the staff never really cared of what patients wrote in the darkroom. Once admitted, the pseudo patients wanted to be discharged almost immediately but knew that they would have to play cool and cooperate with every ask asked of in order to leave.
The time spent at the psychiatric institutions, the pseudo patients communicated with the real patients and realized that all insane people aren’t always insane. Just as Roseanne points out in this particular article, ‘ ‘the sane are not sane’ all of the time. We lose our tempers ‘for no good reason. ” There are often times when people are in a depressive mood but you don’t classify the person as a depressed individual for the rest of their lives. More times than often, people cannot seem to be bled to bond with others; however, they still aren’t diagnosed with any symptoms.

Sane people always have a couple of moments in life that maybe are ‘ ‘ intense” but are never studied. The same perception goes for the diagnosed insane patients. If it makes no sense to label ourselves permanently depressed on the basis of an occasional depression, then it takes better evidence than is presently available to label all patients insane or schizophrenic on the basis of bizarre behaviors or cognitions. It simply isn’t fair that these patients are ripped of all of their rights In society because a couple of incidents that may have occurred.
Just as how people who are classified as sane get through emotions and difficulties, so does the Insane patients. Once patients are labeled ‘ ‘schizophrenic ” they are practically stuck with the title for the rest of their lives. If a schizophrenic patient were to be discharged they must have been In remission, although the staff would Walt on their arrival back to the Institutions because there Is no way a schizophrenic wouldn’t relapse. Do patients act more Insane every day due to their surroundings?
There Is a chance that the Insane people In the Institutions are sane outside of the Institutions because of the patients’ reactions due to their settings. These hospitals deprive patients of their sense of personal identity which only causes them to act out of blame for the amount of time that patients are stuck in this mortifying setting and with names that will label them forever. Perhaps the only reason why the pseudo patients were able to be discharged fully sane is because they were so adamant and knew that it was only an experiment.

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