Urban air quality and indoor air pollution has been listed as the World’s worst air pollution (blacksmith institute 2008).Benzene comes in as one of the biggest pollutant of air. Benzene is an organic chemical compound with the chemical formulae C6H6. It have molecules composed of six carbon atoms joined in the form of a ring as shown below.

It’s a clear liquid, petroleum based chemical that have a sweet smell. Individuals may be exposed to it in factories,refineries and other industrial settings. Benzene poisoning occurs when someone swallows,touches or breathes in benzene. It’s advised for treatment to actual poison exposure to benzene one should contact the authorities. It may be found in:Diesel fuel and additives to gasoline, various paint, lacquer and varnish removers and many industrial solvents.

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Blurred vision, a burning sensation in the throat and nose. Benzene causes rapid and irregular heartbeat, tight chest and rapid shallow breathing and nausea, loss of appetite and vomiting. Exposure to benzene the following in the nervous system. dizziness, drowsiness, nervousness, tremors, staggering, convulsions, euphoria, unconsciousness, headache and weakness. It also causes pale skin and small red dots on the skin.

This research will consist of literature review to explain various studies undertaken to explain pollution by benzene, a critical assessment of risk from exposure to benzene, a technical report of risk assessment of benzene and healthy precautions.

The first study put forwardrefers benzene as an organic compound found in air emissions from burning coal, gasoline and to some extent cigarettes smoke. Benzene concentration in ambient air is very high due vehicle emissions. Its concentration in indoors air are also significant contributors to children’s exposures, especially in homes where people. It classifies benzene as a carcinogen based on occupational studies in adults demonstrated by increased instances of leukemia incidences.

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