Bereavement & Aging According to Reality Theory.


The accessed memories trigger the individual’s vibes or feelings, which in turn motivate behavioral response to generate pleasant vibes and prevent the unpleasant one. This process is rapid and automatic, from the appearance of the stimulus to the production or behavioral response. Basic to reality theory is the interaction of preconsciously and consciously held beliefs.

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Bereavement & Aging According to Reality Theory.
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In terms of adjustment, the meaning of an event, derived from the experiential system, takes more precedence over the consciously held rational beliefs (Stroebe, Stroebe, and Hansson, 1999). For instance, in the conscious state of an individual, his rational system could induce emotional distress due to the death of a sibling, but his experiential system could evoke a feeling of triumph, along with regrets, in the death of a rival. In this scenario, an individual experiences confusion on his inappropriate feelings.

Aging is an intricate multifactorial process which generally influence by the genes and the environment. The physiological and biological bases of aging measurements revealed the prevalent changes brought by the complex processes. These changes in the tissue, molecular and cellular organizations affect the entire organ system of an animal. Most of these changes involve molecular mechanisms that cause cellular damage which in turn can adversely affect the individual (Cavanaugh and Blanchard-Fields, 2006). Hence, aging is generally described as a sequence of time-dependent changes which increase the probability of death as the organism gains progress in age. On the other hand, death is a prominent characteristic of biological aging. Death can occur at any phase of human development, but is mostly ascribed to results and implications of the processes of aging. With aging, the function of liver, kidneys, and gut is reduced.

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