Best diet centers in kuwait( fainal).


Diet Centre is the first health nutrition centre in Kuwait launched in 2004. Since that time, some other diet centres opened in Kuwait including Diet Care, Eat Gourmet, Lofat, etc.

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Best diet centers in kuwait( fainal).
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These centres provide customers with a perfectly balanced plan that can help them achieve their desired weight. In most cases, weight loss is not the customer’s only goal. Customers visit such centres in order to have a healthy lifestyle and to overcome some chronic disease symptoms by eating healthy food.

These diet centres deliver freshly prepared balanced meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks) daily to each customer. It is like having your own personal chef who prepares, packs and delivers meals to your front door. If there is only the need for picking the food from such centres, then they also provide home delivery which completely eliminates the planning, purchasing and preparation of diet-compliant meals. In addition, most diet centres provide other services to their customers such as health advice, meal planning guides, flexibility of programs and frequent personal contact with the nutritionist.

We used both quantitative and qualitative data collection approaches in our study. First, we searched the Internet to find all diet centres in Kuwait. We mainly used Google, as it was more accurate than other search engines.

For the quantitative research approach, we developed a preliminary survey, which listed 10 diet centres in Kuwait. The purpose of this preliminary survey was to narrow down the list to the top 3 diet centres in Kuwait. The survey was created through, which gave us a web link that could be copied and pasted in any website’s page. We sent the survey link to all students and faculty members at GUST, and to our families and friends, through e-mail, Face book, Twitter, and WhatsApp messenger.

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