Bipolar Disorder Analysis.


As a result, various effects arise from this disorder. However, there are treatments for the disorder, and hence most of the effects can be reversed. The paper seeks to focus on physiological, psychological analysis of bipolar disorder.

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Bipolar Disorder Analysis.
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There is little information on exact causes of the disorder and has led to speculation. The speculation points the possible causes as being genetic, environmental, and neurochemical (Bressert, 2015). The interaction between the three entities is believed to have a role in the advent and progression of the disorder. However, there has been the emergence of another theory that perceives the disorder as being biological in nature. In this thinking, the disorder is said to occur in a particular part of the brain and is said to occur due to a defect of the neurotransmitters (Bressert, 2015).

There has been no establishment of the exact causes of the disorder. However, there are factors that have been associated with bipolar disorder (Bressert, 2015). The first factor that has been associated with the disorder is genetic. The association with genetics has occurred as the condition has been shown to occur in a family. The disorder appears to be rampant in certain families. For example, it has been shown that individual with identical twin with the disorder have a higher risk of developing the condition. Such individuals are said to be eight times higher in developing the disorder than a non-identical twin (Bressert, 2015). Secondly, neurochemicals have been shown to play a crucial role in the disorder. This is because the disorder is said to be mainly arising in a certain area of the brain. The disorder has been said to occur due to abnormalities of certain neurotransmitters found in the brain (Bressert, 2015).

Moreover, there are other factors that have been associated with the development of the condition. These factors have been listed as environmental.

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