Body Image Satisfaction In Adolescent.


more exposure to appearance on TV, extra frequent appearance conversions with peers, and greater intensity of appearance criticism from peers were assumed to report higher internalization regarding appearance ideals. The scale used was satisfaction scale of 1-5 was used where 1 represented NEVER and 5 OFTEN to the questions asked. We then used the results, integrating literature around the topic into the topic of body image satisfaction in the analysis and discussion. Finally, a conclusion was made.

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Body Image Satisfaction In Adolescent.
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This is a replication of the previous work (Jones et. al., 2004). Body image perception refers to how an individual feels about his or her body. An individual who has positive body image is pleased about how they feel and look regarding their body. People may realize that their looks do not compare to those presented in the media or what friends and family say about them. however, when they are proud about how they look, they may feel just fine. One does not have to have a desire to become taller or thinner to alter their physique to anticipate gaining ideal body image. Positive body image is basically how an individual feels about themselves and their inner esteem. Physical fitness has a constructive effect on how an individual feels. Positive image is one that should be based on reality. how an individual sees themselves as they really are. not how others perceive them. This involves accepting parts of the body that are not standard or ideal. Generally, they should be happy about how they feel.

Negative body image occurs when feels they do not meet the standards the society, friends, the media, and the family expect. They feel inadequate in comparison to others. This tendency and concern with body image is frequent for people with negative body images as compared to those with positive body images. Generally, people who have negative body image are being unrealistic. They see their reflections as unreal and distorted so they have esteem issues.

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