Book for chinese whispers by Hsiao-Hung Pai.


ntensity brought out the issues that the Chinese workers face each day, and how although there is a high awareness of the issues being faced by people working in the sweatshops in developing countries like India and China, however one thing which most people tend to overlook is the people who work at the local sweatshops even now operating within Britain.

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 Book for chinese whispers by Hsiao-Hung Pai.
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The author brings out in this book that there is a major issue that the Chinese migrant workers tend to face mainly due to high levels of exploitation and due to their own vulnerable nature as well. The author has very effectively explained the ill effects of globalization and has also brought out how the boom of the new Chinese economy is in a number of ways killing a number of people within the country itself. The author brings out that the strategic decisions being made by people to overcome and stop the sweatshops and child labor in other developing counties is not the only areas that need to be considered. The sweatshops within Britain are also following unruly manners of dealing with the people and to a great extent, are leaving the Chinese illegals to be living in inhumane conditions. This needs first attention and focus rather than focusing on other areas in other countries. Although the author does not express this as incorrect strategy, the author tries to explain the need to stop the Chinese exploitation in the UK.

The Chinese are brought to the country illegally and are forced to work in different jobs with no breaks and made to live in inhumane conditions with no care from anyone. This the author explains is a major issue in the strategies of people trying to assist and cut down the ill – treatment of people. This is a sector of the society that needs assistance and needs to be focused upon to help the people and to ensure that the people are not exploited.

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