Brain-Based Learning Theory Strategies for ADHD.

The purpose of the interviews was to gain an understanding of brain-based learning theory strategies for ADHD learners from the perspective of those who have used the strategies. The results of the study indicate that educators are comfortable with brain-based learning theory strategies, but are ambivalent with respect to inclusive learning. The educators participating in this research indicate that inclusive teaching may not be the most appropriate brain-based learning theory strategy as it puts the focus on behavioral controls and thus deprives ADHD students of all of the resources that they require to overcome their learning disabilities or to cope effectively with their learning disabilities. The results of this study and implications for practice are discussed.

A study of data collected from US national health household surveys from 2004-2006, demonstrated that 14% of children between the ages of 6 and 17 suffered from Attention Hyper-activity Disorder (ADHD) (Pastor & Reuben, 2008). Globally, ADHD ranges from between 4% and 12% among children between the ages of 6 and 12 (Brown, Freeman, Perrin, et al., 2001). ADHD has been associated with learning disabilities and emotional disorders suggesting that children suffering from ADHD have difficulties adjusting in social and academic environments (Brown, et al., 2001). It has therefore been suggested that ADHD can best be understood when looked at as a “neurobehavioral disability” (Brook & Boaz, 2005, p. 187). Thus, researchers have increasingly looked to neuroscience as a means of understanding and predicting the cognitive and emotional functions of children with ADHD (Nigg & Casey, 2005).

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Brain-Based Learning Theory Strategies for ADHD.
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Brain-based learning theorists suggests that understanding how the brain functions can produce effective strategies for teaching children with a number of learning disabilities (Geake, 2009).

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