Brevrage industry.


It is the largest ever platform for the companies to spearhead and implement responsible corporate policies and practices. The beverage industry too needs to manage and govern their businesses across the world without diverting their focus from important CSR issues as they are likely to play a decisive role in the growth of their businesses.

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Brevrage industry.
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Currently, no industry or the companies can ever ignore environmental factors while formulating their business strategies. All beverage industries consume huge water in their processes and its judicious use is of paramount importance to sustain future operations and as an effective sustainability strategy. Water resources must be preserved and for that integrated waste water recycling initiative is a fundamental necessity. Another important area for environmental preservation is energy conservation and its management. There is a need to reduce carbon footprint by reengineering manufacturing, distribution, packaging operations within beverage industry. Beverage industry consumes enormous amount of packaging material causing enormous pressure on environment. Fresh use of packaging material needs to be reduced through recycling in line with food safety principles. The beverage industry must incorporate environment friendly and sustainable infrastructure for their future growth as an important objective to fulfillment of the CSR.

Respect for human rights is significantly important while implementing CSR. Workplaces need to be transparent, safe, spearheading inclusive growth for all employees. Employees must be provided with freedom of association and the principle of collective bargaining must be followed.

Any child or forced labor should be done away with. Discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnicity, creed or caste should be discarded in its entirety within the company.

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