Buddhist Cultures (Development and Adaption).

ly matters, study, physical exercises, cultivation of wisdom and the negation of suffering by understanding the true meaning of our natural phenomena. The main goal of Buddhism was to achieve Nirvana, which was through the negation of rebirths and end the human suffering which was bourn by the human soul. While Buddhism is quite popular amongst people in the Asian countries, it has branches across the globe. It is also believed that Buddhism has over 500 million followers across the world. (Hinnells, 2003, pp. 498-504)

Thervada is a Sanskrit word which means “the teaching of the elders.” Founded in India, it is the oldest surviving Buddhist school. It is a closely guarded Buddhist school which is supposed to be the closest to the original teachings of Buddhism and is the main religion of Sri Lanka. It is also prevalent in South East Asia, wherein countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Burma and Thailand have been following its practices for centuries. Thervada is also prevalent in China wherein it is practiced by the minorities such as the Tai and Shan ethnic groups. Likewise, it is also prevalent in Vietnam wherein the Khmer Krom, vouch for its purity and authenticity. The Baruas, Chakma and Magh communities of Bangladesh are also known to be its staunch followers. Thervada is now slowly spreading to other parts of the globe with Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia being the latest inclusions. (Hinnells, 2003, pp. 498-504)

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 Buddhist Cultures (Development and Adaption).
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The Thervada school of Buddhism believes in the continuous analytical process of life. It is therefore not merely composed of mere rituals and customs. It believes in the Four Noble Truths, which are also known as the Four Sublime Truths. In simple words, they foretell the problem, its origin, the solution and the pathway to solution. (Hinnells, 2003, pp. 498-504)

Dukkha Samudaya-this refers to the cause of suffering and can be categorized into three kinds of cravings.

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