Buffalo hunting: Wyatt Earp.


They usually carry four wagons when they leave for hunting. It also includes a driver, cook and hunters. They were given the meat and hide share which was divided in the hunters and the other participants. They used old rifles to shoot. The biggest disadvantage of this rifle is the probability of inaccuracy increases as the number of constant shots increases. They use lead type material in their guns and this materials heats the barrel so hot that they continuously had to use cool water rag to make it cool. But it was considered as the best shooting weapon for long distance shooting. Also the style and the angles they used to hunt buffalo were not at all effective. In comparison to that the methods used by the Wyatt Earp are now regarded as the methods for modern buffalo hunting. Wyatt Earp ways of hunting can easily be differentiated from the old and the traditional hunting methods by taking few things into the account. Wyatt Earp believed in hunting the animal on foot from a nearby location of the herd while the traditional hunters preferred using rifle from the distant locations. Also he used the shotgun as his weapon which is less expensive than the Sharps fifty rifle used by the old hunters. Wyatt Earp chose those animals whose hide and meat could better price in the market. The traditional hunters hunt buffalos from the horse’s back while following a stamped. In this way of hunting buffalos the inaccuracy chances are much higher than the hunting on static condition on foot.

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Buffalo hunting: Wyatt Earp.
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