Business architecture definition (IT).

Typically, the business architecture artifacts and practices in business architecture frameworks concentrate on business processes and business applications. Business architecture should help business reap the benefit of business agility and visibility and must reflect the full business design, from the point of analysis of business owners and designers, rather than IT solution delivery (Born, 2012).

The connection between business architecture and IT (information technology) is two-fold (Born, 2012). Primary, business architecture is a vital input to IT scheduling, business solution delivery and technology architecture. Subsequent, IT capabilities and technology trends influence business design selection in the realms of capacities, processes, value chains, and channel.

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Business architecture definition (IT).
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Adopt-A-Farm is an online business platform that involves connections between the citizens and farmers (Adopt-A-Farm, 2014). The business treats both farmers and their potential clients as its customers. The diagram below provides the platform for connection that the business employs to connect farmers with their respective clients.

Part B: customers access Adopt-A-Farm website to get information. Account manager login information is submitted then customer is authenticated. Portal application is able to automatically retrieve core customer information for its application. Sharing the information with potential customers is applicable per regions. Retrieve application history for precise account and service agreement for respective clients. Get meter data is suitable in ensuring proper transfer of data to partners (Born, 2012).

Adopt-A-Farm business design is based on finding farm related information and availing the information to customers. The business structure is information oriented and customers are able to acquire information that links them (local citizens to farmers).

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