Business Performance and Strategy Assessed coursework.

. In this context, it can be stated that in the contemporary society, the market for products has become volatile due to the strong competition among several companies. In order to maintain a stable position and competitive advantage in the market with high market share, companies are applying several positioning strategies (Andreasen, 2001). In other words, it can be stated that positioning helps companies to build their reputation in the market with profitability. The positioning procedure implemented is used to develop the brand and product name in the global market. After the advent of globalisation, positioning has become important for the companies in order to promote the products and enhance the sales. This procedure of positioning is mainly used for highlighting the products and makes it popular among varied customers (Dabija and Abrudan, 2008).

Contextually, market positioning is a method through which the brand name of the company is positively influenced with the help of marketing mix. The appropriate positioning refers to the understanding of the core market competency and applying the strategy for greater market share. Positioning is important for every industry and hence in this paper the emphasis is on the automobile sector and its positive impact on Ford Motor Company. However, in the current market, with the increase in competition in the automotive market, the use of the positioning strategy is becoming more significant (Arab British Academy for Higher Education, 2014).

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Business Performance and Strategy Assessed coursework.
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Ford Motor Company is among the leading brands in the automobile industry. This company was initially known as Detroit Automobile Company (Sinha, 2009). However, the company saw its existence in the world of business in the year 1903 and was named as Ford.

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